French Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

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SKE French

Distance learning subject knowledge enhancement courses are available in the following forms:

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Free with every French course

Enrol on one of our French courses and you will have access to Babbel® Professional for the duration of your course. This is a completely optional module for those trainees who need greater help with vocabulary.

Also new this year is our KS3 4 week MFL module which will lay a foundation through KS2, KS3 and the transition to GCSE. All French trainees will have access to this module, some as a core module, others as an optional module. The new module also incorporates Virtual Lessons, which are examples of structured French lessons.

You will enjoy access to all of these resources (apart from the free Babbel® subscription) for a further two years throughout your Teacher Training and NQT years.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for one of our French SKE courses, you will need to have been offered a place on MFL Teacher Training Programme (or qualifying programme) with successful completion of an SKE a condition of that offer.

It is important that you discuss with your provider which of our courses is most suited to your needs and have a clear idea of the duration of the SKE required. Each partner supplies their own tutors and course leaders plus additional and unique educational components.

Course content

KS3 module

  • KS2 MFL
  • Starting KS3 MFL
  • Moving from KS3 to KS4 MFL
  • A selection of Virtual Lessons in MFL

GCSE topics

  • Bonjour !
  • Ma famille et mes copains
  • Les relations
  • Mon temps libre / la routine
  • Culture et tradition
  • Au collège
  • Là où je vis
  • Je vais voyager !
  • À l’avenir & Un emploi d’été
  • Ma santé
  • Notre planète

A Level modules

  • La famille en voie de changement
  • La cybersociété
  • Le rôle du bénévolat
  • Une culture fière de son patrimoine
  • La musique francophone contemporaine
  • Cinéma: le septième art
  • La société multiculturelle française
  • Les marginalisés
  • Crime et châtiment
  • L’engagement politique
  • Grèves et manifestations
  • Cultural Studies

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